Best Point of Sale System in Kenya


Powerful customizable Point of Sale (POS) system built for businesses of all types and sizes in Kenya.

From our honest clients’ reviews, iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is undoubtedly one of the best POS system in the Kenyan market. This is a cloud-based retail point of sale solution designed for single and multi-site stores such as franchises, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, shops, corporate chains or any business in the line of selling products or services. iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system makes it easy to sell to walk-in clients, online clients, over-the-phone clients or when you’re out in the field. With very little or almost no training required, you get to start using this simple POS system almost immediately after installation; a very easy-to-use, simple, smart, and affordable POS system in Kenya.

We think you should never be limited by your point of sale software when it comes to running your business. iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system enables you to easily manage your entire network of businesses from anywhere, simply through your phone/tablet or pc. While selecting an all-inclusive point of sale system can sometimes be challenging especially for retail businesses, we make everything simple by giving you a smart POS software that has both your personal and businesses needs properly considered. This is JiPOS, also called iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system.


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Sell offline and get reports online. Use a Smart, simple, reliable and futuristic pos system in Kenya.

iOSoft smart Point Of Sale system is normally a web-based POS system since most business owners prefer a system they can access from wherever they are, either through phone, tablet or any gadget with internet connection. Even if you have a stable network provider, sometimes you can face internet downtime. Does that mean you or your staff cant sell? The answer now is NO.

We have  since worked our POS system not only giving it the best features and look-&-feel, but also taking it BEYOND the frustrations of internet downtime. You or your team can comfortably continue selling on the offline mode and once your internet stabilizes, the system will SEAMLESSLY send reports to the online version automatically. Smart, right? That’s our mission, to make you enjoy the advancements of technology and drive your business beyond all barriers. iOSoft Smart Point of sale system is the best Point of sale system in Kenya. Best POS system in Kenya.


POS system for Bar & Restaurant, Retail shop, Supermarket & Minimart, Hardware, Boutique, Chemists, Beauty Parlor, Electronic shop, & Agrovet, etc.

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful, smart and affordable Point of sale system in Kenya, iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is undoubtedly the right choice for your business.  We have developed a smart solution, a POS Software in Kenya that has a BEAUTIFUL interface and FASTER loading speed to enable you run things faster. iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is tailored to the requirements of a single and multi-store retailers in Kenya and East Africa. We prioritized this POS system’s development and evolution based on current and future industry trends and on recommendations from our existing clients in order to provide all-in-one point of sale system that supports a business’ successful growth. This is the best POS Software system in Kenya

Single solution for multi-store or omnichannel business.

With iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system, you’ll EASILY manage and control all aspects of your omnichannel retail business with a SINGLE point of sale and inventory software system that provides everything you need to operate your single or chain of businesses successfully. Our team of experts are always ready to listen to you and take you through the software at absolutely FREE of charge. Before you ask on the price, we ask you to take time and get to understand the smart features and our friendly support-services structure that our competitors lack in the market.

Features of iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is designed to increase revenue and save time for every retail business, while also providing multi-store features to enable business owners conduct efficient inventory transfers, standardized inventory pricing, and retrieve advanced reports. The following are some key unbeatable features of our POS System; the best POS Software system in Kenya


iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system comes ready with M-pesa integration. All will be required of you are Paybill Number or Lipa Na M-Pesa details.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is a number one POS system in Kenya that enables you to build up customer loyalty points and award your customers in terms of credit/subsidized sales. This helps you to build trust and loyalty among your customers.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system on touch screens and tablets provides an incredibly pleasant tactile experience. The iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is an all-in-one solution that includes everything you need to run a successful retail business.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system enables you to accept delivery of goods and offer your customers in-store credit or cash payment options. This is always a great new revenue stream for stores that need a powerful POS system for tracking consigned items.

Selling with iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is quick and easy. Selling is as simple as scanning the product the customer wants to purchase and accept the payment.

When using iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system for restaurant or bar where waiters & waitresses are fast and busy, we have built a quick easy pin-only login interface for them. Once they've placed an order, the system auto-logs them out of session and becomes ready for the next waiter. This prevents the mistake of selling using others accounts. This also makes iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system one of the best POS Software in Kenya

Using iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system, you can easily capture customer details as you sell to him/her or at the customer registration section on the system. This is so that you can award them loyalty points or send them appreciation messages for shopping from you.

With iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system, you can easily categorize your sales according to the transaction performed. All your transactions are recorded in the system and you can get all reports at anytime.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system allows you to manage your supplier invoices, credit purchase balances, among other information. The software keeps track of every purchase transaction you make, and you may later follow up with your suppliers.

With our POS system, you get to have daily total sales reports, sales reports per employee, most sold items reports, all payments and credit sales reports, among many useful and insightful reports.


iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is a cloud-based POS software meaning it's accessible everywhere at any time and on any gadget with internet connection.

Track your inventory closely with iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system’s serialized or batch functionality. Items are given unique lifetime serial numbers that enables you to track the item at every stage in its life circle while in your store.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is integrable with Shopify and any custom-made website. This is to enable you link your website with your POS system for seamless sales, inventory keeping, receiving and delivering orders as well as enjoying access of a robust report through the POS system.

Through the POS system, you can offer various types of promotions such as percentages discounts, credit sales, Lipa-Mdogo mdogo, kits and more. Quickly create your flyers from the promotions entered into your system and push them to all stores.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system comes with ready Bulk SMS integrated. We'll simply register your sender ID and start using the module to alert your customers, send them promotions, gift vouchers, thank them, wish them holidays, etc.

Using iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system, you can define who accesses the system, who sees what and does what. These are called roles and permissions. The admin has all the super roles to create customizable user profiles and assign user rights depending on your specific needs & needs of your staff. 

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system comes with detailed reports including accounting, sales, inventory, employee performance and many more.

Using iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system, you get to put your inventory in check. It will automatically let you know your inventory quantities and if some items needs re-order to help you better manage your stock. We can enable the system to send you SMS reminders when an item has reached it minimum re-order level.


iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system comes with a barcode tool to enable you to Generate barcodes and print barcode labels in the most simplest way.

In line with Tax Laws, iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system provides integration with all types of ETR machines and tax regulations to make you compliant with the revenue authorities. In the system, you can choose items that are taxable or exempted so the system calculates their values automatically for sales and reporting purposes.  

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system enables you to easily breakdown a package of multiple products or one single product into individual items within your inventory to save time and energy stocking up, i.e 20 litres of oil into 2litres, 1 litre, 0.5litre etc.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system offers fluid automated inventory management so you can monitor your stock in real-time. The software automatically recommends the best or minimum quantities to keep in your inventory as well as make you have an overview of every component of your store by a few clicks.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system allows you to categorize, manage and track all types of products in inventory. It makes it easier for business owners to track their inventory through categorization i.e into Bulk, Quantity and Serialized/batch numbers.

Only possible with a smart and powerful software. iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system is integrable with all 3rd party applications as well as your internal systems.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system comes with employee payroll management to enable you pay your staff through the same system. Upon request, we can include other employee oriented modules i.e time & attendance management using biometrics, leave management, etc to make you manage your employees even better.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system comes with a simple, flexible and reliable backup and  data recovery feature. Automatic backups are necessary in order to back up stored data and to enable data recovery in unforeseen situations.

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With the automations we have enabled in the system, our POS Software users save an average of 30 hours per month on product management, customer management and general operations. 

No matter the number of employees or users of the system, sales stations, or clients,  your running cost remains fixed.

By having a POS system, a retailer can reduce costs by almost 10%. iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system enables you to even generate new revenue for your business.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system being omnichannel software, harmonizes and centralizes sales across all of your stores to make you have a seamless and centralized management command point on all your stores.

Best Point of Sale System in Kenya and its features

You can easily add more tools and functionalities into our Point of Sale (POS) system that benefit your company as your goals change, from managing team members to adding additional devices and locations, all with a few touches.

Having your customers information on the POS software, you can monitor their preferences whenever they purchase from you. From there, you can create more personalized marketing and loyalty programs to keep them coming back more often.

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system ensures that you receive all information, item requests, tickets and reports from all your stores within the same system. All your stores also receive information from your main store on the same system thus unifying your communications across your chain of businesses.

Your chain of stores may sell products allocated to them at their own prices as guided by the business owner(s). iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system can allow the creation of local products and customized costs at local branches/stores.

Accept payments remotely with invoices autogenerated in the POS system, take payments through the M-Pesa right into your computer, sell at the counter and receive in cash, sell through the phone even on the go, so you never miss a sale & then later reconcile all payments. Best POS Software in Kenya and East Africa.

Use iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system to run a loyalty program both in person and online, award points to your customers and reward all but most to loyal customers. You can go beyond to offer gift cards in person and online.

Client Care and Support

We take pride in providing the highest level of support and client care to all of our esteemed clients. We are committed to supporting our clients in making the absolute most of their solution and to delivering exceptional support and client care services.




A Leading Web-based Point of Sale designed to make it easy to manage your business.

Boost in-store efficiency, enhance customer service and increase sales

Powerful, free analytics

By using iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system, you can easily see what's selling best, what your busiest hours/days are, and who your best team members are with customizable, real-time reports.

Flexibility meets scalability

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system makes it simple to add new business stores, system users and hardware devices to the system. It’s all synced to one account so you can see what’s happening everywhere, anytime.

Customizable & scalable

iOSoft Smart Point of Sale (POS) system integrates with all 3rd party applications or your existing software to keep things moving seamlessly.


Yes- The system can run locally on a local server or a desktop computer.

In our servers. Stable and secure servers.

No. The software does not come with the hardware.

We offer lifetime support

Yes. Just like any other software, the system has annual license fee.

We will register for you a sender ID with network providers. You must have your company registration documents in place. 

Not necessarily. The system can be installed on one machine then it is made available to the other one through a local network sharing capability.

Your data is very safe since it can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

We will only need temporary access to your M-Pesa portal.

Yes-The system can be accessed on any gadget that has access to internet.

Yes. You can create a number of roles and define what every employee can access.

Yes. SMS & Email notifications are enabled.

Yes, it’s possible to check the reports of specific employees. It can be a day’s report or monthly report.

Yes, you can combine orders and merge receipts.

You can track your stock on the system under reports section.

Yes, the system has an accounting module with several sub-modules like income, expenses, account balances, etc. You are also able to view reports of each sub-module.

You can track sales by checking the periodic sales transactions in the report section.

Yes, you have the option of setting a re-order level amount which alerts you when the stock levels are running below the required amount.

Yes. The system has a loyalty program.

You can register all expenses in the expense account.

Yes. You can create recipes in the system for hotel business.

Yes. With all new ETR machines.

We provide the best point of sale software system to improve on your distribution processes and how you run your retail business.
Best Point of Sale System (POS) in Kenya


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