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Established in 2016, iOSoft Solutions has risen to be one of the leading Software Companies providing best software solutions to businesses across different industries in Kenya and East Africa.
As our name suggests, we exist to remove barriers and offer software solutions so every business can thrive, starting with the small and medium-sized businesses to big corporations. We have worked with many businesses and professionals in various industries. This has made us come to develop cutting edge industry approved business solutions that go down as intelligent, comprehensive, easy to use and affordable software that make work and money flow. We are in the business of digitizing others’ business processes to enhance relationships with their customers, suppliers, employees, banks and governments.

Who We Are

At iOSoft, everything we do is designed to help a business automate a process. When using any of our solutions, you’ll definitely feel the software simply works the way you need it to. This is born from a desire to deliver simplified business solutions, easy to use for everyone.

Our Drive

Through the industry experience and insights, we build solutions to make business easier. And through community partnerships, we unlock digital inequalities to make every business across the region be part of the digital evolution.