Best Restaurant POS system in Kenya

iOSoft POS system is one of the best point of sale system in Kenya. It is one affordable, easy to use restaurant POS system in Kenya designed for general operations of restaurants and bars. iOSoft POS system helps you to increase your restaurant revenues by increasing efficiency and giving you insights into your business performance. It is built for complete restaurant management making it one of the best restaurant POS system in Kenya. iOSoft restaurant POS  system powers most successful food and beverage restaurants in Kenya and Somaliland from local cafés and iconic fine dining restaurants to chains of bar businesses. As an all-in-one online POS system for restaurants, it helps restaurateurs optimize their online and in-house operations in real time from any device. iOSoft restaurant POS system is the best restaurant POS system in Kenya

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The Right POS Solution for Any Restaurant

iOSoft restaurant POS  system is a smart, affordable, reliable and easy to use Restaurant and Bar POS Software in Kenya. It helps restaurants deliver excellent services through millions of transactions every year. A suitable restaurant POS system for any type of restaurant; This is the best restaurant POS system in Kenya

Bar Point of Sale

Liquor Stores, Butcheries, Chill & Grill, Choma joints

Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops, Taverns, Clubs, Hotels

Fast Food Point of Sale

Deli's, Cafe's, Canteens, Home Kitchens, Bakeries, Take Aways

Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile Bars, Online Kitchens, Expo’s, Food Trucks, Food Markets

Looking for the ideal Restaurant Point of Sale Software for your Business?

Worry no more, you are in the right place. We offer efficient, user-friendly and affordable point of sale software for restaurants in Kenya. Its cloud flexibility, affordability, powerful integrations, and restaurant-oriented makes it fit the unique needs of single-location restaurants and a chain of restaurants across Kenya and the entire East Africa region. Our system is the best restaurant POS system in Kenya

On-Site Point of Sale (Local-based)

iOSoft restaurant POS system can still perform optimally even on a local environment i.e on a single desktop/computer.

Cloud Point of Sale (Web-based)

iOSoft restaurant POS system performs optimally on a web environment.

Whether you run a local bakery or a global coffee house chain, iOSoft Restaurant POS System is the right restaurant management system for your business. The Restaurant POS System helps you focus on your customers, not your technology – we take care of that for you. Our all-in-one restaurant management systems help you run your entire kitchen from a single, easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

The software supports restaurants with:

  • Inventory management
  • Multilocation reports and analytics
  • Menu & recipe creation & management
  • Gift and loyalty programs
  • Employee management and shift working.

iOSoft restaurant POS system is the best restaurant POS system in Kenya

Leading Cloud-BASED Point of Sale for Restaurants

iOSoft Restaurant Point of Sale System real-time information and sales reports at the fingertips your fingertips and your staff. We worked with our existing customers to deliver a stable and one of the most robust restaurant point of sale system with keen focus on the following areas:
  • Secure Payment Options Integrations Business
  • Stable and optimum performance
  • Detailed reports
  • Tax Compliant
  • Employee management
  • Secure and stable hosting environment.

KEY Features of iOSoft Restaurant Point of Sale System

If you have an online dynamic website, custom built or running on Shopify (not yet ready for WordPress websites), we can integrate it with iOSoft Restaurant Point of Sale System so you can receive orders and payments right from your website to your Point of Sale system.

iOSoft Restaurant Point of Sale System automates your menu and payment processing. when you update a menu item in your POS software, it auto-updates the same on your website. Customer orders can also be received from your website into your Point of Sale system directly, then prepare the order and dispatch for delivery. Customers can also get a message once the delivery process begins.

Using customer profile data stored in iOSoft Restaurant Point of Sale System secure cloud, you can improve your restaurant's campaigns by sending targeted marketing and discount messages through the inbuilt Bulk SMS module.

Easy, smart and robust Restaurant Point of Sale System in Kenya and East Africa.

All the Tools You Need to Manage Your Hotel Restaurant and Room Booking.

iOSoft restaurant POS system is a hotel point of sale software with a room booking component that works for all types of accommodation: hotels, motels, hostels, B&Bs, lodges & guest houses. Your bookings are easily accessible anytime and anywhere. No installations or updates needed. If you have a website, we simply provide a booking form/link on your website and you're good to go. 

All bookings are synced to your restaurant POS system as you can easily specify meal plans that comes with a particular room type i.e half board, full-board, bed and breakfast, etc. 

What makes it more interesting is that, this restaurant POS system will capture and correctly post your room sales & foods attached to it in their correct accounts without making double entries of figures or transactions. Everything is seamless and automated.

Constant and prompt communication between waiters, store and the kitchen is key. iOSoft restaurant POS system provides a smooth communication channel where no single customer order can be placed if there's no inventory. 

What's more? Waiters don't have to carry receipts all around to the kitchen section. Once they punch a customer order into the system from where the POS Screen is placed, the order gets automatically printed in the kitchen so the chefs can start preparing the order. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY: iOSoft restaurant POS system is able to direct and print different orders to their direct service counters i.e one order of drinks and food will be split automatically into two, details of the drinks get printed at the bar section while food at the kitchen section. All these aim to make the software as time-efficient and seamless as possible. 

Your waiters need to have information right at their fingertips. If there are discounts on a given type of menu, your system administrator can update it on the restaurant POS system and waiters will be able to receive the notifications and details of the menu on their accounts immediately.

iOSoft restaurant POS system enables restaurants to create menu and recipes in the most efficient way possible.

Your staff food is part of your restaurant's inventory. Since it is an expense, mixing it with your sales will give your accountants hard time tabulating or reconciling your books at the end of the day/month thus iOSoft restaurant POS system has a perfect provision for handling your voided and complimentary sales/orders.

With iOSoft restaurant POS system, you never want to worry about a group of visitors telling you to individually print and give them their individual receipt or merge all receipts into one.

By using iOSoft restaurant POS system, you can tie sales/orders per given table number for seamless and efficient serving of customers.

iOSoft restaurant POS system comes with a robust inventory management module for your back end inventory management.

COMING SOON - We are in the process of making ready conversational ordering that allows orders to be taken by waiter the way they're spoken without interrupting the customer.

iOSoft restaurant POS system comes ready to work with your cash drawers, credit card readers, receipt printers, fingerprint scanners, barcode scanners, and other peripherals from a wide variety of third-party vendors.

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