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Managing Inventory Control Using Recipe | how to make a recipe using a Ji-POS system

Keeping track of every product used in your restaurant throughout the day ensures you never run out of stock. This is the most important aspect of managing your inventory control using recipe and, in the tutorial video above, we explain how to make a recipe using Ji-POS system and efficiently manage your recipe.

Our POS System’s recipe management module comprises advanced features for mapping relevant ingredients and provides an all-around solution to manage the recipes well for your restaurant business. The system rewards you with;

Simplicity and Flexibility.

You have access to simple operations within the system to enable you to control the recipes for all the foods across all the outlets from one central point. Recipes are simple to adapt and change based on seasonal changes, ingredient availability, and visitor preferences. Thus, our restaurant point of sale system comes with the flexibility to enable you to adopt any changes that may come along.

Easily managing and controlling your stock.

By embracing this piece of technology in your restaurant, you sign up for efficiency in managing and controlling your stock. The stock consumption is automatically subtracted by the recipe management tool based on each order.

Login rights and access levels.

Our restaurant management system comes with a role management module that gives you control to assign any user a given level of access called “system role”. Users may be given special permissions so that you can manage who has access to and may update your recipes. As well, you will take the advantage of audit trails feature to check through users’ activities in the system. 

How Can POS Help Restaurant Owners Manage Their Recipes And Ingredients?

Restaurant recipe and ingredient management are crucial because a single ingredient shortfall can have an impact on the entire menu. For instance, if your restaurant’s chefs run out of salt, they are unable to continue preparing cuisine. Thanks to technological advancements, restaurant POS system software automates every human operation, allowing businesses to save costs and increase income.

The advantages of managing recipes and ingredients in POS

Relying on a smart system saves you not only on costs but also on time spent running restaurant operations. Modern point-of-sale software for restaurants like Ji-POS handles everything, including handling orders, transactions, personnel, and customers. It improves restaurant efficiency and raises the business and reputation of the eatery.

Modern cloud-based point-of-sale systems include a wide range of features and functions that can assist restaurant managers in reducing errors including improper order preparation, product waste, inventory shortages, and anomalies in managing restaurant operations. Using our smart restaurant POS system, you have an exclusive advantage of its simple yet powerful inventory management feature.

Tracking of ingredient levels.

The ingredient level track that upholds the check and balance is one of the most important features of point-of-sale software technology. It offers useful details about the availability of their products to immediately alert the manager to fill up the necessary stock and prevent running out of stuff.  Similar to this, ingredient level tracking is always supported by point-of-sale software. Because the user only orders what they need and makes recommendations based on that need, it prevents product waste.

Recipe Control

Software used at the point of sale should have the capacity to manage recipes to their totality. It should keep track of whether the staff follows the recipe’s measuring instructions to the letter or wastes excessive amounts of ingredients. Ji-POS avails this information in the recipe list where a user is able to view details of the recipes created to help maintain checks and balances when creating the menu. In addition, since the components of a certain dish are predetermined, it is simple for the crew to prepare food swiftly and precisely.

Menu Price Calculation

Menu cost analysis is a crucial function of point-of-sale software that provides users with a general estimate of how many products are needed to make a specific menu and how much it will cost to prepare the specific menu item. Also, restaurant managers can easily manage everything by keeping in mind the profit margin thanks to the menu item cost estimation feature included in our point of sale system.

reducing food waste

Saving costs on food is a key factor to consider when using Ji-POS. Food waste is reduced by the control of recipes and ingredients. The primary cause of food waste is that orders are occasionally generated by adding too many ingredients while loosely adhering to the ingredient quantity, which results in erroneous flavor. Customers are also unsatisfied, and as a result, they return the order to you. Because of this, precise ingredient proportioning is required to produce a dish.

Recipe management module in Ji-POS – our restaurant management system make the work of production managers, and inventory managers easier, more efficient, and less error-prone. Want to streamline your inventory and sales? iOSoft Solutions LTD got you covered. Contact Us today for a free consultation and a quote on our system.


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