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iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software

Run your store better with a FAST, FLEXIBLE, & ACCURATE inventory management software.

iOSoft Smart inventory software is not only a software for managing stock and tracking movement of stock in your store, it is a software that brings a new breathe of life to the way you run your whole supply chain; right stock control methods, meet orders faster, improve workflow and reduce overheads. Currently in the  Kenyan & East African market, iOSoft Smart Inventory software is one of the best Inventory software with loads of latest automated smart features that make you run things just the way they should. This is a web-based Inventory Management software designed to transform any company’s Warehouse or store into a seamless and efficient one.

What’s more? iOSoft Smart inventory software comes with loads of latest automated features and intelligent  reports that make management of a store or warehouse easier, simpler and faster. It is an inventory software perfect for small businesses and still satisfies the needs of big corporates with big warehouses.


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iOSoft Smart inventory software
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Whether you’re running a brick and mortar store, an eCommerce site, a supermarket, or a logistics company, an inventory management software is a must-have. You need an inventory management system that gives you insights into every aspect of your products, customers and suppliers. Your stock control software should enable you to efficiently control all processes and material flow in and out of your store. That is what we define iOSoft smart inventory software with – a well-thought-through software that works just how you want it to. Remodified, the software seamlessly integrates with all leading ERP solutions and third party platforms to ensure seamless assimilation with current and future infrastructure/upgrades, regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on premise.

Increase efficiency

Realize value for your money & greater ROI with iOSoft Smart Inventory Management System

Smart Automations

iOSoft Smart Inventory Management System enables you to eliminate repetitive tasks and manual processes, and drive efficiency using powerful inbuilt automations.

Integrated Solution

iOSoft Smart Inventory Management System integrates all your operations into a single platform to enable you bridge silos, reduce costs & time, and improve efficiency.

Rapid Software Deployment

iOSoft Smart Inventory Management System comes with expert onboarding process, data migration/upload services, and a comprehensive easy user training exercise sessions.

Guaranteed Customer Support

Acquiring iOSoft Smart Inventory Management System automatically comes with extensive customer support programs to enable you use the software just like a pro.

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Manage all your inventory with ease - anytime, anywhere

iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software allows you to track, trace and verify from start to finish, end-to-end stock visibility & industry compliance helping you eliminate all errors in your store management. Its accessibility is web based, meaning – when you acquire the software and you don’t have a server, we host it  for you for FREE in one of the fastest SSD technology-driven servers making your software accessible 24/7 across the globe. iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software has heightened accuracy that ensures your pick, pack and delivery processes never skip a beat ensuring your customers experience is enhanced. This Inventory Management software enables you to streamline regular inventory operations, gathering data from your sales and operations, providing you with accurate business and financial reports year-on-year.


Harnessing the power of barcode-scanning technology, iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software is at the heart of many leading distributors, wholesalers and retailers. It gives you full visibility into your supply chain, stock and profit margins from one central place.

What Is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is getting the balance of stock and reports of your entire transactions right. It involves control of supply chain management, inventor, demand forecasting, and logistics.

Stock-outs, where you run out of stocks unexpectedly can happen when you don’t have the right system in place to alert you of stock levels. This may lead to a rush to acquire expensive replacements when a customer places an order, or, even worse, lose the business to a competitor. In either case, that is not a good position to place your business in. 

On the other side, keeping too much stock is defined with depreciation charges, taxes on assets, shrinkage, insurance, and warehouse charges. This arises when you lack a proper system to keep checks and balances of your acquisitions and sales. Figures put it at 25–50% annual expense your business may incur due to excess items stored. Because of the above, it goes without say that having the appropriate inventory management tools is crucial for the success of your business.

Using iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software can help to reduce investment in standing inventory, shipping costs and logistics. When used correctly it can efficiently save both manual labour time, costs and overall investment both in the short and long term.

KEY features of iOSoft Smart Inventory Software

iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software enables you to track products batches serial and expiry numbers. The software also help you to  verify items for grouping and categorization for storage requirements in line with your industry’s compliance standards

iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software enables you to achieve rapid order fulfilment across all your stores or outlets regardless of the physical location. This while unifying all the transactions across the various stores and ensuring all reports are centralized for quicker decision making process.

iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software gives you access to real-time and historical data to calculate your total purchase, sales and stock allocation costs, maximizing your sales with perfect inventory visibility over time. Get stock/item history right at your fingertips using iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software.

iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software has integrated features, all in one place, to enable you gain accurate and valuable transactions insights and valuable reports into the way your business operates and stock control data.

With a complete accounting module, iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software empowers you to take charge of your expenditure and cost-cut to drive profits. From the point of purchase to the point of sale, the software has enabled features to capture all expenditures tied to the movement of stock thus making it easy for you to have a handle over your stock control so you’ll understand your financial statement.

With iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software, you get to overcome the challenges of stock replenishment. Working with min/max order level quantities, preventing stock-outs (and back orders), preventing excess stock levels (over-stocking) and stock obsolescence will be your new game in your inventory management. 

Make smarter, informed decisions with easy access to live digital data for your stock levels. You’ll be able to see what stock you need to buy, how to price, and what to discontinue. Plus, iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software is a web-based software enabling you to see/access your reports from wherever you have an internet connection.

iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software brings to you the ability to automate elements of your purchasing processes and entire inventory management process. The software records all your purchase orders, LPOs, Invoices, delivery notes, etc securely in cloud for historical references. The software also helps you build up an accurate picture of your data, saving you time.

Benefits Of iOSoft Smart Inventory Software

Take your business to the next level with a complete inventory software
Improved cash flow & guaranteed return on investment

Employing effective inventory management practices results into processing customer orders even faster. This in turn, means you can get paid without delay. With iOSoft Smart inventory software, you can automate the billing process and reminders to make collecting payments a seamless. Our M-Pesa integration makes you receive payments so conveniently, spending less time doing manual processes – this means more time to expand your business operations.

Improved operations efficiency

With iOSoft Smart inventory software giving you better visibility over your inventory, your entire business operations will fee the effect. Routine admin heavy/vigorous  stock control processes becomes automated, freeing up more time to focus on growing your business on other fronts.  Plus, the software gives you the right data and analytics needed to make more strategic business decisions.

Enriched customer experience

Providing great service is the centre of a successful business. With iOSoft Smart inventory software, you are equipped with the right management performance measures by optimizing your stock management and customer order delivery process resulting in a great customer experience.

Expanded profit margins

iOSoft Smart inventory software makes you overcome one of the biggest challenges of inventory management, which is having the right stock, in the right amount and at the right time. This is a powerful feature you’ll utilize to analyse live sales and inventory data to produce accurate forecasts so you only stock what sells. In return, you will hit your business growth targets, minimize stock-outs and provide the maximum profit from your inventory over time.

Automated Manual Processes

iOSoft Smart inventory software makes you enjoy the power of technology through automated manual process such as Re-order levels notifications, Multi-currency enabled selling/purchase,  Best Before Date (stock expiry) tracking, automated Bar Code generation, individual stock item performance i.e Slow & fast-moving items.




#1 Stock Management Software in Kenya

iOSoft Smart inventory software stands out as a complete stock management software in Kenya with an efficient and flexible logistics management module that bring effective stock control practices. Its features incorporate advanced unit conversion capabilities to handle bulk stock registry and transfer, lean manufacturing methodologies, material requirements planning and stock level notification to make it one of the best software currently solutions.

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