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Simple inventory system for small business

Simple inventory system for small business

Simple inventory system for small business Simple, affordable & easy to use inventory system for small business When starting a business, it can b

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Simple inventory system for small business

Simple, affordable & easy to use inventory system for small business
When starting a business, it can be difficult to secure funding, attract customers, and manage inventory using the right practices and procedures. As small businesses expand, they must switch from their manual or old accounting system to a more dynamic and expensive one in order to advance their reports and operations. The ideal inventory management solution for small enterprises is iOSoft Smart Inventory Management System. Apart from the loads of easy-to-use features it comes with, it is also affordable, capable, and adaptable inventory management system that can expand with your business as it grows making it a best fit for Simple inventory system for small business. In the quest for a unified single software, iOSOft Smart Inventory software synchronizes and centralizes your accounting and inventory data in one place. We offer simple inventory system for small business. This is the best Simple inventory system for small business


Besides a simple inventory system for small business, a stock book is the most basic manual system that a small enterprises with limited stock items can consider. You can use it to keep track of stock issued and received, however, to keep tabs with the current evolution of inventory management and automation of processes, a simple inventory management system would be most ideal to any small or medium business owner.

However simple your inventory management system is, it must enable you to:

  • Track stock levels
  • Make orders
  • Issue stock
  • Receive stock level notifications
  • Receive financial reports
Simple inventory system for small business


1. Reduced Operation Costs

The cost of inventory and inventory management is a major expense for many companies. Key to say that small firms cannot afford to hold onto too much cash in unused goods because they have limited resources. This limitations of resources call for avoidance of unnecessary shortage or an overstock, a situation in which you should utilize an inventory management system to help you order just the right amount of raw materials or completed goods. Keeping a flexible supply chain in place while removing unnecessary expenditure in your business is what lean inventory management entails. This is made possible by the structure and features that iOSoft Smart Inventory Management Software offers. We offer simple inventory system for small business. This is the best Simple inventory system for small business

2. Increased From End to End Visibility

When all your employees in your supply chain can sign in to a system with ease to observe the current levels, locations, and cycle durations of your inventory, then you shall have automatically achieved improved end-to-end visibility, which is a key stock keeping practice in the inventory management. This achievement leads to fewer communication errors and improved collaboration at work. Even better, investing in a software that is intelligent enough to interpret transactions and give accurate reports will make you run a seamless business where more effort is given towards business growth. This is since, the rest of your supply chain will be able to use these information/reports as a more reliable source of direction in your business while also giving them better sense of inventory levels at any given time. This is the best Simple inventory system for small business in Kenya

3. Increased Team's Productivity

Inventory Management requires a lot of attention to details and requires a number of different reports to be kept up with on almost a daily basis. It goes without say that businesses owners must constantly monitor their stock or inventory levels; that’s in terms of how much they will require, and how long it will take to get fresh stock. These time-consuming manual operations drag you behind if not automated through a simple inventory management software that make small businesses up to par with technology. All reports and sending of invoices/quotes/LPOs can be done in a fraction of the time. This will definitely save you a great amount of time that you can focus elsewhere. 

4. Eliminate Costly Financial & Operational Mistakes

A simple inventory management software will help you reduce costs by eliminating calculation among other common errors. In a small business, you might be tempted to perform all of your accounting and inventory management by hand or using Excel spreadsheets. However, you run the danger of making mistakes if you write or type orders by hand. These mistakes in your recordkeeping are practically eliminated by using barcode scanners and a simple inventory management software, which also increases the effectiveness of your order management. Additionally, it makes you more productive because you won’t need to perform time-consuming physical inspections of your inventory levels as frequently as long as you fed into the system accurate inventory records. To entirely eliminate double data entries and costly accounting errors, try out our simple smart inventory management software which is the best Simple inventory system for small business

Simple inventory system for small business

Put your business on track with our simpl inventory management system for small businesses

Transform your business with the right inventory management software.

Utilize and tap into the power of the best simple inventory management software that will simultaneously help you lower your expenses, boost profitability, and boost your team’s productivity. By automating your inventory management, you can devote more time to marketing and business expansion while gaining complete visibility into your sales and stock movement data to identify sales opportunities and address stock concerns even before they materialize. This is business evolution and automation.


Here are some key features iOSoft Smart Inventory system comes with:

  • Accessibility on mobile phone, desktop computers through any device with internet connection.
  • Multi-store feature allows inventory tracking across multiple selling points and stores.
  • Set automatic reorder level notification for any item in your inventory.
  • Seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks and any other third party application with API endpoints.
  • Robust inventory forecasting and reporting capabilities.
  • Access level control using roles and permissions for users. 
  • Barcode functionality you need – generation, printing, and scanning.
  • Raise LPOs, receive supplies and send invoices/delivery notes seamlessly.
  • Track employee activities, hours, project costs, payrolls, and taxes.
  • Transfer stock from one store to another seamlessly.
  • Robust Point of Sale interface and sales records/reports
  • File manager, etc.


What exactly does iOSoft Smart Inventory system accounting integration allow you to do?

  • Update the general ledger with sales orders and purchase orders.
  • Send accounting adjustments, such as inventory asset, cost of goods sold, and income, to the accounting solution.
  • Print invoices, delivery notes, and other important documents to include with inventory shipments.


We are in a business to help other businesses grow tech-wise, thus, we hold your hands through the system demo, deployment, and training to help you take control of it. Using the best inventory management software will help your small business succeed no matter what industry it operates in. It can help you save money while maintaining the satisfaction of your clients. Give iOSoft Smart Inventory system a try with a free trial or schedule a demo with one of our inventory system experts who will assist you in making a knowledgeable choice.


The accounting component of iOSoft Smart Inventory system comes with the following reports:

  • Petty Cash,
  • Budgeting,
  • Expenses and Payments, Income,
  • Charts of Accounts,
  • Journal Entry,
  • Accounting Balances,
  • Cash Flow,
  • Balance Sheet,
  • Profit & Loss,
  • General Ledger

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