A Point of Sale (POS) System Simply built for today's retail business.

Key benefits of a Point of Sale (POS) System for retail business.

Before we go the Key benefits of a Point of Sale (POS) System for retail business, you may want to know that Point-of-sale(POS) systems are vital to running a successful business today in Kenya and across East Africa. They help you accept and process various payment methods quickly and securely.

To improve more on business efficiency, almost 68% of retail businesses rely on POS systems to capture new sales at the checkout counter.

We are delighted to have been one of the first software companies in Kenya and East Africa to roll-out a modern and advanced point-of-sale systems that handles a lot more than just payment transactions. We have built a Point of Sale (POS) Systems that helps with every aspect of your retail business, including: Invoicing, Inventory Accounting, Reporting, Bulk SMS, among others.

In this text below, you’ll learn some of the key benefits of a Point of Sale (POS) System we have researched and incorporated to make our POS System unbeatable in the market.

Key benefits of a Point of Sale (POS) System for retail business.

Major benefits of using our POS System for your business.

The easy way to track your inventory.

This is a web-based POS that makes it easy to keep track of every item in your inventory and manage them in real-time with instant reports at any given time.

Here’s to the efficiency when selling any type of product.

Embrace a POS system that enables you to sell your products faster with accurate sales record keeping feature.

A more easy way to send and receive invoices.

This POS software allows you to record and group all your invoices i.e for purchases, sales, repairs, rentals, consignments, etc.

It’s time you discard manual accounting in your shop.

Accounting is complex if done manually. This POS makes it possible to record purchases & sales information and sell even much faster than if all were done manually.

The quick way to make sales & receive payments.

This POS helps you make payments & sales even faster. The employee selects the products the consumer wants to buy and the system automatically calculates the price & issues the receipt. Easy, faster & Efficient.

Automate reconciliation of all payments in your shop.

Customers can pay by cash, credit or debit card & you get reports and statements of all transactions just by a click.

Easy way to send promotions & discounts.

This POS system enables you to keep your customers’ information & alert them on discounts/promotions by bulk SMS, all thru the same system. #JustByAClick

Retain your customers like a pro.

Through the POS, Send promotions to incentivize your customers to visit your shop for more great deals. Build a lasting customer loyalty #JustByAClick.

The smart way to offer targeted promotions.

Have the freedom with this customer oriented POS, understand your target customers and make better marketing decisions #JustByAClick.

Become smarter with your records.

Purchasing equipment for your business is essential. With this POS system, you keep track of all your customers’ orders, supplies & sales #JustByAClick.

Bounce back to business with a proper customer experience.

Consumers don’t like to wait. A fast POS leads to better customer satisfaction & this software allows you to complete transactions faster which is an excellent advantage to your customers.

Most secure way to protect all your transactions data.

Your business data needs to be accessible to the company’s authorized users only. This POS system ensures your data is safe from all sorts of intrusion of malicious users.

Access all employees’ sales report instantly.

This POS allows you to see sales per employee, their hours worked, which employees are performing well, and the peak hours in your business #JustByAClick.

By having this information, it would be easier to build schedules, optimize employee time on the floor, and provide ongoing training.

Discounts & promotions made even simpler for SMEs.

Save time in the management of your promotions. This POS makes it simple and easier to send & manage your promotions. You select the group of customers to send your lerts to & keep track of all your active promotions etc #JustByAClick.

Access your reports from anywhere.

We offer a cloud-based point of sale where you can access your data and reports anywhere with better protection.

This POS can be cloud-based or installed on-site with a local server or machine. However, the POS installed on site are exposed to multiple risks such as data loss, difficulties in tracking inventory, risk of errors and others.

Avoid costly accounting errors for your business.

This POS system helps you reduce errors in your business activities. It has multiple functions to help you eliminate mistakes automatically while enhancing efficiency in your operations. Easy!

Besides, the point of sale automatically creates reports for sales, accounting, inventory, etc. You do not need to create reports by yourself and this minimizes errors.

Save Time And Achieve More Every Day.

This POS system comes with features that automates operations i.e inventory management, orders, purchasing, customer management and more #JustByAClick.

Some functionalities can even perform actions automatically. For example, the creation of real-time reports or the minimum quantity of products to keep in inventory.

– Increased Revenues

By reducing your operating costs, you’ll probably save money. By saving that money, you can have more income in your pockets. Also, a point of sale software can offer various functionalities that can help increase your sales.

Access your reports instantly.

Creating manual reports takes a lot of time to compile, complete and organize. This POS system automatically creates your reports & enables you to have a global view of state of your business #JustByAClick.

With a POS system, reports are automatically created for several aspects of the business. This includes sales, contacts, prices, purchases, inventories, etc.

Manage several shops with so much Ease.

With the “multi-store” feature, this POS enables you to easily manage several stores just by a few clicks & significantly reduce your workload.

Great features all under your control.

The POS has among other features;

– M-Pesa, credit card and cash payment methods

– Inventory management

– Bulk SMS

– Promotions and Discounts management

– Payroll for all staff

– Acconting & finance

– All reports i.e sales, VAT, employee sales etc

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