Best ICT Support Services in Kenya & East Africa

ICT Consultancy Services in Kenya

Offering ICT Consultancy and unmatched ICT Support Services in Kenya Services in the new normal: Times change fast and as businesses operations also change  change with it to accommodate new, virtualized ways of working and sharing information. With the information systems getting advanced pretty fast, companies are expected to make the necessary ICT investments to stay futuristic, efficient and innovative. At iOSOft Technologies, we bridge this gap by giving best deals to businesses through cost-effective ICT Consultancy Services and ICT Support Services in Kenya to ensure that your technology meets the requirements of its users today and tomorrow.

best ict services in kenya

Management & ICT Consulting

Things have evolved so fast and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are today more than ever a critical enabler for an organisation’s success, since it constitutes a source of competitive advantage and an important tool in the effort to automate and streamline business operations.

iOSoft Technologies provides ICT Consulting services that help organizations to put ICT assets at the service of their business needs and strategic vision. From the small private enterprises to major public entities, finding the best way to integrate IT systems and align them with the business needs and strategic goals, is central to an organisation’s success. By supporting the entire Information Systems Life Cycle, iOSoft Technologies strives to enable its clients to maximise their value from ICT by exploiting a multi-dimensional approach and providing services along the following axes:

  • ICT Strategy & Transformation
  • Enterprise Architecture Design
  • IT Programme & Project Management
  • Information & Systems Security
  • IT Solutions Delivery

iOSoft Technologies ICT Consulting services lead to value-generating propositions based on the clients’ mission and objectives. We always put in place specialised skills of our personnel with proven methodologies, widely adopted standards and best practices, to maximise expected value for our clients.

On-Premises and Cloud ICT Consultancy Services

In this digital era of information technology, several companies continue to embrace cloud-based data storage methods and among other ICT infrastructure moves to stay competitive and cut down on running costs. At the same time, many still rely on on-premise solutions. Our ICT consulting services involve supporting clients in determining their current IT position and identifying gaps in their data storage strategy. Our team of experts will hold your hand towards understanding and determining for you the right ICT investment infrastructure your company should have going into the future. 

ICT Infrastructure Consultancy Services

Leveraging years of network design, implementation and operation experience, Primary Guard provides ICT Infrastructure Consultancy Services to clients who need to increase the reliability, availability, security, and scalability of their ICT infrastructure.

ICT Best Practices Consultancy Services

IT systems integration is important and finding the best way to align IT with business needs and strategic goals is the key to unlocking continued success. Working with both small, medium and large enterprises, we strive to maximize value for our clients by supporting the entire information systems lifecycle since. In the real world, IT has become a major tool in maintaining, streamlining and upgrading business processes, thus, you need an experienced service provider with a deep understanding of the future ICT & business dynamics. At iOSoft Technologies, we provide ICT Best Practice Consultancy Services that align with your business today and future needs.

Get going with our IT support Services

Outsourcing iOSoft Technologies’ IT support services means that you will have less to worry about in the daily running of your business operations. We always put our best foot forward to ensure you get better IT performance, faster problem resolution and greater expertise without the hassle and costs of downtime. Depending on the nature and area of IT support you need, we provide on-site expert, friendly technical support to business, home and home office users. Whether or not you have an ICT team, our team of experts will give you a detailed and simple breakdown of what your business needs, friendly communication, and training to ensure you get the optimum of our services.

ICT Support Services in Kenya

Fully Managed IT Support Services

It goes without saying that a modern business does need IT to support its daily operations. Time spent troubleshooting IT Systems is time away from things that really matter. That’s why iOSoft Technologies come with comprehensive IT services and fully Managed IT Support (Business Support) designed to provide professional IT support for end-users as they need it.

To enable you to reduce costs, increase reliability, productivity, security and minimize downtime, iOSoft Technologies takes complete control of your IT infrastructure so that you can focus on running your business. Our package covers Hardware, Software, Back-ups, Active Directory Management, Networks and Third-Party Relationships management. Trust iOSoft Technologies for efficient, seamless and professional fully managed IT Support Services for your business.

Remote Support Solutions That Fit Your Business

Our remote IT support services are designed to be flexible, scalable, and resolve any technical issues quickly. Most IT support tasks can be accomplished remotely including:

  • Rolling out patches and updates
  • Support ticket submission and issue resolution
  • Software installs & updates
  • Firewall updates
  • Remote PC support services

Contact us today for personalized IT Support services for your business.