Best SACCO Management System

Best SACCO information management system for any type of Sacco organization.

Are you looking for a micro-finance information management system or Sacco Management System to help you reduce operational costs, offer members better services, and increase your revenues? iOSoft e-Sacco is one of the best Sacco management system adopted by many welfare groups, farmer groups, employees Saccos across East Africa.

Our Sacco management information system puts you and your Sacco right in the digitalization journey. By using our Sacco management system, you’re certainly in the right path to improve efficiency, reduce costs and launch new products & services for your members with so much ease, digitally. Our robust cloud banking platform is used by many micro-financial organizations all around the East African region. 

iOSoft e-Sacco comes with loads of exciting features that make it one of the best Sacco management software in Kenya and East Africa. Use it to manage all activities within a micro finance institution or Sacco Organization or any members contribution group. It will provide your Sacco, your digital lending business or your microfinance institution with all the right digital tools you need to run a profitable and digitally aware enterprise.


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SACCO core banking platform

Take your institution beyond with our award-winning Sacco software solution.

Cloud Based

This is a web-based Sacco management system accessible through any gadget internet connection. We guarantee an uptime ratio of over 99.98%.

Mobile Money Integration

Our Sacco management system integrates with mobile money services, i.e. M-Pesa, to enable members to deposit their savings and repay their loans over their mobile phones.

Award Winning

Our Sacco management software has been developed to meet global standards. We position every component of the software to meet the standard practices of a financial institution.

Bulk-SMS Module

Our Sacco management system comes integrated with bulk messaging feature to enable you to stay connected with your customers with our personalized and automated SMS module.


One of the key actions to build your members’ trust in their savings and  group/welfare balances is TRANSPARENCY. To achieve this, the most effective way is to incorporate technology in to your welfare or savings group through a smart Sacco information system. iOSoft e-Sacco comes with members portals where your Sacco members will log in to their individual accounts to check their statements, request and repay loans.  

Other important operations that you can perform with this Sacco Management System to secure members’ funds and build their trust include;

Members Management: Methodologies for members/individuals management are fully supported with advanced features giving your as a system administrator all controls you need.

Loans & Savings: Full & flexible loan and savings modules. Launch products quickly & easily. 

High Quality Reporting: The system gives you high quality reports alongside report scheduler and data export tool.

Credit Checks For Improved Loan Decisions: The system has a well automated credit/loan requests checks that an applicant has to meet before any disbursement approvals is made.

Integrated Accounting Module: The system comes with a real-time financial reports tat puts all statements and reports at your fingertips.


In managing your SACCO finances, you need a tool that automates manual processes, gives you accurate reports, secure and accessible 24/7. Our Sacco information management system ensures that your financial information is processed and stored securely and accessible only to the authorized users.

  • Members/Client Register – for capturing all members bio details.
  • Contributions Module – for the e-Sacco to open/create Savings, Shares accounts and any other types of accounts for it’s members.
  • Loan Management – The software automates loan application, repayment, interests, guarantees, and guarantors.
  • Shares and dividends management – The software auto-calculates dividends per members. 
  • Accounting an financial reports – A rich module for capturing incomes and expenditures comprehensively.
  • System users roles and permissions – for admins to control members activities and access levels in the system.
  • Contribution history and members statements – All statements accessible even on the go.
  • Mpesa integration –  The software integrates with Mpesa to allow members to pay for their loans and contributions via Mpesa automatically.
  • Comprehensive reports – All reports including SASRA reports are easily accessible.
  • Bulk SMS & Email Notifications – The system comes with SMS/Email enabled for sending special info to members. 
  • Members’ Self Service Portal – The system comes with a self-service portal for your SACCO’s members to view their statements, request for loans, appoint loan guarantors, approve or reject requests.
  • Document Management – This feature allows a SACCO to digitize and store members’ documents in the system.


iOSoft e-Sacco is one of the best Sacco Management System in Uganda. Trusted by many Sacco groups in Uganda, we’re proud to have made a name for ourselves by giving groups the right tool to achieve their digital evolution objectives. 

Having worked with many Saccos in Uganda, we have improved the system to be one of the best Sacco information system with all the right features for Sacco management. 

By using our Saco software, it means you sign up for easy management of member contributions, loans, shares, member investments, applicants, members, Sacco assets, and liabilities from a single point of entry.

Furthermore, this microfinance information management system allows Sacco administration to manage subscriptions, verify and approve loans, and investments. It also allows member login to check loan status and accept loan guaranteeing all though the phone connected to internet.

Benefits of Our Software to your SACCO.

  • Save on operation costs of your Sacco.
  • Give your staff the freedom to serve members virtually.
  • Provide members with prompt, handy reports.
  • Utilize automated reporting to be compliance with SASRA reports.
  • Easy access for authorized staff/members.
  • Resource sharing and work are made easier for you and your team thanks to simple interaction with external platforms.
  • An intuitive design makes it simple for your team to execute work more quickly and effectively.

Benefits OF OUR SOFTWARE to your SACCO members.

  • Convenient SACCO services
  • Get products that are customized to meet members’ demands.
  • More payouts for members thanks to an increase in SACCO income.
  • Secured online banking
  • Reduced SACCO’s expenses resulting to higher dividends for Sacco members.
  • Provide your members with greater comforts, and give them more motivation to support and participate in the SACCO.
SACCO Management System kenya

Why Choose Our SACCO Management Software:

The solution enables a sacco to manage its operations from loans applications to disbursement, Savings accounts functionality ,Financial accounting and Reporting, shares/Deposits.

Customized business rules are implemented on the system and client application provides a secure and easy-to-use graphical user interface for maintenance and manipulation of database records.
Sacco management software comes with an integrated and easy to use Accounting module that manages your financial accounting needs. It is developed to easily integrate with automated email and mobile transaction processing.


SACCOs are one such solution that is greatly enhancing financial inclusion in both urban and rural areas of developing countries. According to the 2014 Global Census on Co-operatives, there are over 1 billion clients and members of over 2.6 million SACCOs in 145 countries. Digitization of Sacco operations…

Why Choose Us

  • Success stories from other SACCOs like yours over a period of five years

  • Present-day and future-proof Banking Core System

  • A skilled support staff at your disposal

  • We will assist your SACCO in lowering operating expenses and raising revenues.