Best HR Management Software In Kenya

Best HRIS system in Kenya for small, medium & big companies

iOSoft HRMS is one of the best HR Management software in Kenya. It is a web-based Human  Resource Management system designed to transform any company’s HR department into a paperless one. The software comes with loads of smart features that makes it a suitable HR software for startups and big companies in Kenya and East African region. We have made it for local businesses to solve local HR management challenges. Confident 100% to state that, this HR software is so easy to use and much more affordable for growing companies to transition from spreadsheets to a resourceful Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that adapts to their changing needs.

This is a HR management software that makes people-management even easier. It allows planning and tracking all types of leaves & reports, view full employee profile, monitor time attendance, KPI tracking, project management, payroll and many more. Its rich notifications/alerts feature puts you ahead of your events and at level with your reports. This is a human resources management system that ensures everyday human resources processes are EASILY manageable and fast to access. Welcome to one of the best HRIS system in Kenya for any type of company.

best HR management system Kenya


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Before we get to the features, we’d like you to know a few things. iOSoft HRMS is one of the most popular systems used in many modern small and medium organizations in Kenya mainly because of its robust and versatile features. But then, what are those most popular features, and how do they help you choose the right HR software for your business? Here below are the most desired and necessary HR software features that make iOSoft HRMS attractive. The best HRIS system in Kenya

Employee information management is a fundamental feature every HRIS software should have, it's the core of any HR Management System. iOSoft HRMS prides itself of a rich employee management component that includes an overall and comprehensive directory of employees, including their personal data, job history, salary, leave requests, promotions, banking and tax information, insurance, and every other piece of information relatable to your company. It has all you can imagine to be an employee information. What more? We have enabled a functionality in the system where you can simply add more fields if you want to capture extra and extra information about your employee.

 iOSoft HRMS is a well-designed HRMS that is sure to assist the HR department with all matters related to employees in the organization. Your employee lifecycle starting from a recruitment process,  iOSoft HRMS helps you to streamline recruitment and hiring with so much. For instance, you could easily post a job opening to your website and as the applications pour in, you can easily qualify or disqualify a candidate right through the HR system.

Talent Management is another useful feature that iOSoft HRMS comes with. This feature helps  you in evaluation of employees performance periodically. Our human resource management system when put to use, will provide you with the information on your people's productivity overtime. It goes beyond to assist your HR team in conducting examinations based on an elaborated parameters you've set in the system. This makes iOSoft HRMS one of the best HRIS system in Kenya

One of the great features that makes iOSoft HRMS a great HR management system is the benefits management component. As your business expands and you employ many people, you tend to have more benefits to offer; this is the feature that will save you a lot of time for all these can easily be managed in this HRMS, almost without the assistance of a human being. No more human errors.

Financial Management in your organization needs a reliable system. Can you imagine manual payment management of several dozen employees at once? The amount of time and errors prone to manual exercise are always a concern. Fortunately, iOSoft HRMS through its extensive payroll module can enhance your financial management, providing your employees with the proper remuneration at the right time, and you with peace of mind. Through this HR system, you can easily manage and administer employee bonus programs, commissions, PAYE among other statutory deductions. Even if you run a small organization, this HRM  system will allow you to plan your finances like a boss.

It's so simple to improve the attendance of your employees. Simply install the iOSoft HRMS, it is integrable with most biometric gadgets and relay the attendance records of your employees to your administrator dashboard so you can monitor who normally comes in on time or late from anywhere. That way, you will always know who is at work on that day and who is on leave, what time they left work, etc. Its rich analytics  of your employee attendance gives you so much insights into your workforce thus helping you in quick decision making process. 

Implementing iOSoft HRMS is one of the surest ways to keep your workers up-to-date with company information.

iOSoft HRMS gives you and your employees a possibility to upload educational resources and give users access to them so they can learn from the materials and view them when they forget something.

Share files and define who sees it i.e which group of people or which department.

With iOSoft HRMS, you never have to worry about calculating your employees staturtory deductions. This is an automated feature in this HR management system to enable you to keep your company compliant with staffing needs. 

iOSoft HRMS boasts of a super-looking dashboards and user interface. All reports and analytics and relayed in forms and charts that are so easy to understand. Request for a demo access from us to see for yourself. 

The human resources department is the most vulnerable when it comes to corporate data, as HR data contains personal and financial information about employees. iOSoft HRMS incorporate different security protocols in storing, processing and backing up of your company's information. First, only authorized individuals have complete access to confidential data. We incorporate SSL certificate to the system that encrypts all data being accessed from your system over the internet.


Now that you know what features are essential in a human resource management system, how then can they benefit you and your business? Before we take you to the  benefits of iOSoft HRMS, our aim is not to sell to you a software but to give you a tool that will always adds value to your business. A tool that is futuristic and will always  grow with you as your business grow. Here below are some of the most significant benefits of iOSoft HRMS systems. The best HRMS system in Kenya, the best employee management system in Kenya.

Any modern HRM systems should allow employees to update their basic information without having to engage the HR department. iOSoft HRMS ensures your HR team has more free time to focus on more important and complex tasks. This is one of the most in-demand features of modern HR software because employees frequently have detailed questions about general workplace terms and conditions. iOSoft HRMS system provides a database with all of the information your employees may need so that they can access it whenever they want, saving you time and energy of answering the same questions hundreds of times.

iOSoft HRMS aids in the reduction of day-to-day administrative tasks. It automates most of the HR management processes that improves your business workflow. This is a super HR management system in Kenya that gives you complete control over your employees and their lifecycle in your company.

This HR management system enables to track employees' working hours and ensure they are properly compensated if they work overtime. You can keep track of and provide training programs, manage payroll without any errors, and manage your employee performance, easily keep track of every worker’s scores and check their performance history.

Later on, this HRIS system will prepare for you a performance report in real-time giving you deep insight into employees’ achievements. If your organization is looking forward to achieve simple, quick and efficient processes, then our HR management software is your best bet.

Setting clear objectives and retrieving feedback make it easier to achieve good results. iOSoft HRMS is sure to make you feel confident in what you are doing if you and your employees have clear goals and the necessary training and tools. This HR Management system in Kenya, makes it possible for your employees to work more efficiently and successfully, thus increasing your company's profits. Furthermore, implementing iOSoft HRMS system can be a fantastic opportunity to create a shared platform for all your employees to access and upload various training, articles, and other materials that they may find useful in their job. With everything in one place, your team will learn new things, share their discoveries with others, and improve their performance faster than ever before.

Another great advantage our HR software is to help you automate several day-to-day tasks. You won't have to worry about paperwork, managing employees' benefits, salary, taxes, or other information with the iOSoft HRMS system. Everything will be automatically analyzed and collected in the system.


By using this HR software, you will be able to track your employees working hours, sick, maternity and other kinds of leaves.  The system collects data about each employee’s scores, accomplishments, working hours, etc and analyzes and gives you an evaluation for every employee in the company. 

iOSoft HRMS comes with an enhanced privacy and data protection feature to help you prevent breaches on your employees’ personal and company's financial data. This HR management system will help you protect sensitive information from being stolen or misused. Our HRIS system comes with encrypted code to disable any attempted hacking either internally or externally. 

Additionally, iOSoft HRMS comes with a payroll feature that ensures a more secure way to process the payroll. 

Tracking you company's Key Performance Indicator (KPI) has never been so simple with iOSoft HRMS system. This HR management system comes with a robust employee performance tracking module to enable you know how effectively your workers or the whole company are achieving their business objectives.

As a business owner or HR manager, you need to focus only on important things like your staff welfare, automate the rest with our HR management system - a proven HRIS software that delivers. 

Another useful feature of iOSoft HRMS system is that it prioritizes important information for you. No more out-of-date or insufficient data that impedes decision-making. This HR Management software collects data and makes it available to you at any time and from any location. You can also take advantage of the system analytics to easily identify trends and issues in your organization.

With our HR management system, you don't have to worry about losing important documents or making common mistakes since everything is in digital form and well kept in your human resource management system. Training records, HR reporting, and audit trails are among the useful features our human resource management system, comes with.

Human error is commonly responsible for many unnecessary business costs. With our HR software, you can reduce the likelihood of common errors such as double entries as well as give your employees the ability to double-check their work for any potential errors while working with the system.

iOSoft HRMS is the best HR management system in Kenya and the best employee management software in Kenya. It is also one of the best employee leave management

Enjoy the benefits of a dynamic human resource management system

Automated human resource management system
iOSoft HRMS uses cutting-edge design architecture and programs to automate your time-consuming HR processes and improve your entire HR operation to keep up with current trends. Our world-class HR solution is flexible, cost-effective, and simple to integrate and implement. With our HR Management System, you are sure to:
  • Secure a high tech HR software for yourbusiness
  • Implement a powerful and accurate payroll solution
  • Easily analyze staff performance among other key metrics
  • Fully access your data on the go 24/7
  • Empower your employees with a great HR tool
  • Get detailed financial reporting
  • Go paperless and replace employment files with e-files
  • Collect accurate data for making the right decisions
  • Save time and eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Cost-cut and save more while reducing errors
  • Have a top-level people management controls
  • Secure your company’s data
  • Get instant and detailed reports.
This is the best Human Resource management system in Kenya

RELIABLE HR information system to track all your staffing needs

Best employee information management system
It’s critical to know your business and understand when to hire, when to lay off employees, and when to downsize your workforce. iOSoft HRMS system enables you to stay in control of your business and manage things more quickly, easily, and effectively. Our automated time and attendance features provide you with information about your employees’ working patterns, such as:
  • How much overtime employees work
  • How much leave they use
  • Which departments have higher absence rates than normal
One more to note, your employees, administrators, and executives can benefit from increased productivity and informed decision-making as a result of proper HR data access. iOSoft HRMS automation is certain to reduce your HR management costs while increasing your workforce’s productivity. Medium and large businesses that want such results are unlikely to succeed unless they implement appropriate software solutions and our HR Management system has it all ready for you. iOSoft HRMS is the best employee leave management

Best HR Software for Small Businesses

When selecting HRMS for your small business, consider and examine what processes it may be able to automate and and add value to you. Positioned as one of the best HR Software for startups to Large companies, working with our HR management system means you can utilize the various management modules to enhance and strengthen your organization culture, create great work experience and transform your HR processes immediately. This makes iOSoft HRMS the best HR management system in Kenya for small businesses

Best Leave Management System in Kenya

Part of the key features that comes with our HR management system is Employee Leave Management. A Leave Management System feature automates the leave request process, making it hassle-free for both the management and the employees. iOSoft HRMS is robust enough to seamlessly handle all the stages involved in a leave management process: application, approval/rejection, filing leaves, managing leave balance, and analysis. This makes our software the best leave management system in kenya

In the rapidly evolving business landscape of Kenya, efficient human resource management is vital for organizations’ success. To streamline HR processes and enhance employee experiences, choosing the right Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is crucial. This comprehensive guide explores the key factors to consider when selecting an HRMS tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses in Kenya.

  1. Localized Solutions: Ensure the HRMS is designed to cater to Kenya’s unique HR landscape, with features that align with local labor laws, regulations, and business practices. A localized solution will ensure seamless integration and compliance, saving time and resources during implementation.

Read more on Choosing the right Human Resource Management System (HRMS) in Kenya.  iOSoft HRMS is the best HR management system in Kenya and also the best payroll management system in Kenya