Best School Management System in Kenya

Best School Management System in Kenya

We have developed one of the best School Management system in Kenya which is an effective, efficient and effective online school management software that can also be deployed on premise. This school system is integrated with accounts & finance modules to digitize how you keep and manage your school finance records; that’s fee payment, balances, other cash receipts and your entire school expenditure. 

This School Management system in Kenya is developed to transform all school operations in almost to its entirety. From students admissions, hostel management, accounts & finance, library, to exams, there are much more you can do with the system to help you run an effective paperless institution. Its rich functions in terms of what it enables you to do, coupled with its affordability makes it one of the best school management systems in Kenya and suitable for all learning institutions.

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Web-based school management system for all Schools.

Being the best school management system in Kenya means it’s developed for both the local & international schools operating in Kenya and entire East Africa. From new student admissions to end-of-year exams and assessments, this school management software seamlessly combines all school departments into one simple-to-use application with exciting reports accessible even on the go. Thing is, we need you to run an efficient & paperless institutions with reports & operations automated and accessible #JustByAClick. Our mission is to enable your school have bespoke management of all academic, well-being, sport, culture, administrative and financial information of your entire institution by a click. We have summarized all the system features into this one document below.

Access Your Reports Even on The Go.

Best web based school management system for Kenyan Schools & Colleges

This school management software is web based, meaning you only need an internet connection and you can work with it no matter where you are. It transforms and digitizes all your  daily college and school management operations thus making your institution ahead in terms efficiency in the way you run things. Looking for a University or College ERP, we have got you covered. We have the best and affordable college/school management software which is designed to move your institution to another higher level.


This school management software features include;

This is a Free Online School software. It is also a Free Online School software.

Our School Management System in Kenya is a customizable school software that suits all educational institutions including:

Automated school fees payment system

Best fees management software for college and schools

This School Management System has an automated school fees payment module designed to serve your school/college as a more reliable and effective means of documenting school fees payment and cash payment and eliminate errors associated with the manual method of recording payment details. This module has been made using data collected from primary, secondary & tertiary schools library, and journals with the aim of achieving effective and efficient processing of students school fees payment history and document it.




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A complete School ERP System for Colleges and Universities.

Kenya school management software for secondary & college institutions.

This school management system is a complete School ERP which is a simple, powerful, and flexible academic ERP specifically designed for schools with the industry’s most comprehensive set of features, future-ready technology and data security.

All-inclusive School Management Software

This School Management System can also be used as a secondary school management system to generate invoices and do more. It is more intuitive with a modern interface for improved navigation, offering users easier access to the most important information.

This School Management Software has an integrated finance module developed specifically with the bursars and business managers in mind – bringing together the academic, wellbeing, administrative, invoicing, purchase orders and fee billing elements into a powerful accounting solution. Take your institution to the next level with the best school management software for all schools in Kenya and East Africa.



    Features include;

    • Apps for teachers, students & parents to access real-time information
    • 100% web-based, cloud or on-premise
    • Integrated finance solution for budgeting, fee billing, invoicing & purchase orders
    • Automated online admissions system which sits on your school’s website
    • Fully managed service with established local Support Centre
    • Admission/Registration
    • Accounting & Reports
    • Stores: Keep track of what goes on
    • Exam & Academics: Process report cards & analytics
    • Send real-time notifications. Bulk SMS’s and Emails

    What to look for in the Software;

    1. Assists school life with monitoring student behaviour and wellbeing
    2. Intuitive and easy to use
    3. Software as a Service (SaaS)
    4. Multiple third-party integrations
    5. Integrated MIS & Accounting Solution